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Our Vision & Priorities

The Board’s vision is that we will all work together to enable people in Brighton & Hove to live a life free from fear, harm and abuse. The Board has identified six priorities that will support the vision to become a reality, which are outlined in more detail in the board’s Strategic Plan. These key priorities will set the strategic direction of the Board of the next three years (2019-2022).


Priority Area 1: Accountability, Assurance & Leadership

Ensure the SAB provides strategic leadership to embed the principles of safeguarding across agencies and contribute to the prevention of abuse and neglect.

Desired outcome: Confidence in Multi-agency safeguarding responses, people are safeguarded from abuse and neglect.


Priority Area 2: Policies, Strategies & Procedures

To be assured that multi-agency safeguarding strategies, policies and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure currency, reflecting emerging legislation, policy and/or learning, and that these are easily accessible to frontline staff and used effectively

Desired outcome: Our partners work within a framework of policies and procedures that keep people safe.


Priority Area 3: Performance, Quality and Audit / Organisational Learning

Assure learning from SAB activity is effectively embedded into practice to facilitate organisation change across agencies, refocus quality assurance mechanisms, and better use safeguarding data to define SAB priority areas of business.

Desired outcome: Confidence that services are learning and improving in their safeguarding practice and adult safeguarding risk is better understood by the SAB and appropriately assessed by partners.


Priority Area 4: Prevention & Early Intervention

Ensure the SAB has a focus on prevention that clearly identifies how it will aim to reduce incidence of abuse and neglect (including self-neglect) in Brighton & Hove.

Desired outcome: Adults at risk are identified early and have their needs met promptly and effectively.


Priority Area 5: Engagement & Making Safeguarding Personal

Adults, carers, the local community and professionals assisting to shape the work of the SAB and safeguarding responses and safeguarding practice is client centred.

Desired outcome: Public safeguarding awareness is improved. Clients and professionals feel empowered for their voices to be heard in safeguarding practice and policy development.


Priority Area 6: Integration / Training and Workforce Development

Assure the workforce is equipped to support adults appropriately where abuse and neglect are suspected. This to include emerging local safeguarding challenges.

Desired outcome: Clients are supported by a skilled and competent workforce.