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Organisational Abuse

Organisational abuse is neglect and poor care practice within an institution or specific care setting such as a hospital or care home, for example, or in relation to care provided in one’s own home. This may range from one off incidents to on-going ill-treatment.

It can be through neglect or poor professional practice as a result of the structure, policies, processes and practices within an organisation.

Indicators of organisational abuse include:

  • Misuse of medication / inappropriate restraint methods
  • Sensory deprivation e.g. denial of use of spectacles, hearing aids / denial of visitors or phone calls
  • Restricted access to toilet or bathing facilities, medical or social care, lack of clothing or possessions
  • Controlling relationships between staff and service users
  • Poor professional practice, poor communication and recording of essential care information
  • Lack of respect shown to person
  • Failure to ensure privacy, personal dignity
  • Lack of flexibility and choice
  • Insufficient account taken of views of adult, relatives or carers
  • Significant numbers of low level concerns

Also see Escalating a Concern & Whistleblowing

If you are concerned about an adult at risk of abuse call Access Point, the contact centre for Adult Social Care, on 01273 295555. In an emergency call 999